02 Sep

Statement of a FNUR Conductor, xxxxx aka “Katende Sam (Mr.)”

We, Quakers of Olympia Friends Meeting’s Friends New Underground Railroad project, have accepted the responsibility to be conduits for the voices of those that are at great risk who cannot safely speak openly. Our major concern and our mission is to get LGBT folks out who choose to leave Uganda, and to support the Ugandan activist conductors risking their lives to save others.

In light of our absolute commitment to reducing harm and providing trauma-informed support, we release these voices at the request of those who speak.

Thus, we are releasing this statement, “Never say Never” by xxxxxx aka Katende Sam (Mr.) in PDF format. Note that it has been redacted to protect sensitive identities who might otherwise be at risk.

Please support the continuing work of the brave Ugandan conductors with your donation! See our donation page for how.

Thank you,
Gabi Clayton and Talcott Broadhead
co-managers of Friends New Underground Railroad