28 Aug

Radio Broadcast Detailing the August 4th Buyende District, Uganda Killing of Six LGBT People

Friends New Underground Railroad has received evidence in the form of an mp3 of a KBS Radio show from Uganda that discusses the stoning murder of six LGBT Ugandans (three gay men, two lesbians and a transperson) in Itukira, Buyende District that occurred on August 04, 2014. Included in the broadcast are the names of the victims (which FNUR had previously provided to some reporters and LGBT and human rights organizations in Kampala) and a description and discussion of the events.

Listen to the 12:45 recording here. (Note: the speaking will begin in about 25 seconds and is mostly in English):

This evidence corroborates the three independent reports of these murders that Friends New Underground Railroad released previously – “Six LGBT Murders by Stoning Reported in Rural Uganda…

Additional evidence of these murders will be released when Friends New Underground Railroad receives permission from the Ugandan Railroad conductors to do so.

Gabi Clayton, co-manager of FNUR said:

“Please do not let this distract from the very real threats that LGBT people in Uganda continue to face. We are still receiving reports of people being evicted from their homes, fired from their jobs, expelled from schools, experiencing mob violence and more – all very real reasons why some people feel they must flee to survive. While we have so far supported the conductors in assisting 457 people to leave Uganda, there are more waiting for help.

“Statements from and interviews with those who have escaped via the Underground Railroad will be forthcoming.”

Talcott Broadhead, co-manager of FNUR said:

“We at Friends New Underground Railroad appreciate the continuing efforts of the LGBT and human rights organizations in Kampala to stem the tide of hate that has swept over Uganda. Unfortunately for many, the future success of these efforts will come too late. We look forward to a time when both their and our efforts are no longer needed.

 “Friends New Underground Railroad’s singular goal is to support Ugandans who are assisting LGBT Ugandans who want to flee to do so. We don’t judge any individual’s choice to leave, nor do we impart judgment on those who stay. This is an effort designed entirely to mitigate the immediate effects of the volatile institutional and cultural homophobic violence in Uganda.“

Please remember, all decisions about how funds we raise are used (and how much is needed), who gets to ride and in what order, the pathways out, the use of safe houses, modes of transportation, interim destinations and what information we can release are made by the Ugandan conductors– not the FNUR project team.

To contact Friends New Underground Railroad, email Gabi Clayton, co-clerk of the Olympia Friends Meeting’s Peace and Social Justice Committee  and co-manager of the Railroad project at gabiclayton@friendsnewundergroundrailroad.org or call US (360) 888-5291; and email Talcott Broadhead, FNUR co-manager at talcottbroadhead@friendsnewundergroundrailroad.org.