03 Sep

Appeal: A Very Special Limited Offer (ended) from Talcott Broadhead, Author/Illustrator of “Meet Polkadot” and Co-manager of Friends New Underground Railroad

Note – This wonderful offer by Talcott has ended. This is left up as a record. Thank you to all who took part and donated.

I am happy to be able to offer an additional 15, signed, 1st ed. hardback copies of Meet Polkadot for donors who wish to make a donation in the amount of $40 or more to FNUR. 1 copy per donor.

Please be sure to leave a “note” on PayPal, with your donation indicating that you wish to receive a copy of Meet Polkadot as a token of gratitude for your support and include your mailing address.

If you would like to PURCHASE additional copies you can do so at DangerDot.com

About Meet Polkadot by Talcott Broadhead:


Have you been looking for a story with which to begin and/or continue meaningful and accurate conversations about gender identity?

Perhaps you wish to have dialogues that center and normalize transgender identities but you feel worried you may not have accurate information?

Maybe you ARE trans* or you have a child/family member who is trans* and you are ready for a book that honors transgender experiences rather than sensationalizes transgender lives and bodies?

Meet Polkadot is the first in a series of books that introduces readers to our main character Polkadot, a non-binary, transgender child. This book is an accessible introduction and primer to the the diversity of gender identity, the importance of allyship, and the realness of kids like Polkadot.

In this story, Polkadot as well as Polkadot’s big sister Gladiola and best friend Norma Alicia, introduce our readers to the challenges and beauty that are experienced by Polkadot as a non-binary, trans kid in a binary world that among other things: conflates bodies with genders. While Gladiola learns how to engage with information that she “didn’t know she didn’t know,” Norma Alicia provides Polkadot with generous, additional perspectives on how identities intersect and how allyship works.

Meet Polkadot tells Polkadot’s story from a transgender-liberation and feminist perspective and explores the complexity of identity in gentle and real terms. The book sets the stage for future stories about Polkadot and loved ones by acting as a primer on gender identity.

A great book to read with family or to use in the classroom, Meet Polkadot has been used as an educational tool in preschools all the way up to graduate schools! Valued by social workers, health care providers, educators, youth, and families, Meet Polkadot is truly a book for all ages!


“A beautifully illustrated and accessibly written book that challenges our assumptions about gender, bodies and identities. Like Polkadot, I hold no investment in binaries, even in book genres. Meet Polkadot is a book for children, for adults, for all people; a necessary primer on gender identity.” – Janet Mock, author of Redefining Realness: My Path to Womanhood, Identity, Love & So Much More

“Meet Polkadot is a children’s book that is written as much for adults as it is for children. A main goal of this particular book was to be accessible to those who might be encountering these ideas for the first time. Balancing the hefty task of avoiding sensationalism and dodging the gender equivalent of color blindness, Broadhead, a gender studies professor, wrote the book with the intention that the book could be used not just to fill in a conspicuous gap for an underrepresented population for kids and parents, but also as a tool in higher education.” -Giovanna Marcus, Olympia Power & Light

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