10 Jul

We Have An Emergency Situation in Uganda – Please Donate!

This is a message from one of the Friends New Underground Railroad ‘conductors’ in Uganda:

“… having endless pressure of a group of some people understand unbearable situation. They have been thrown out of the [place] where they have been camping for weeks, all their possessions. The [place] owner has even threatened to call on the police for them. These are people who are now camping in a bush in [town name]. If the villagers finds out that these are gays they will be lynched. … This is the group of 25 (formerly 26) – one of whom was the one burned to death.”

Please donate! We need 25 x $55 = $1,375.00 plus the PayPal fees in order to assist in transporting these 25 people to safety outside of Uganda.  

Donate through PayPal here:


If you are going to send a check, the information needed to do that is here:
Please use the contact form on that page to let us know how much you are sending so we can plan.

Thank you!

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