03 Jul

Article: Activists: Hundreds of LGBT Refugees Have Fled Uganda

A Kenyan activist, Ugandan asylum-seeker, and the American Jewish World Service hope to raise awareness about east Africa’s beleaguered LGBT community, even as hundreds reportedly flee Uganda.
by Thom Senzee – June 27 2014 –  The Advocate

“The common LGBTI person in Uganda is struggling to even make ends meet,” Mawanda says. “The common LGBTI in Uganda today — I’m talking about a trans man, a trans woman, who is seen as being a typical gay person today in Uganda … is homeless, because they were evicted from the small homes where they were living before the law was passed, because the law says their landlord had to evict them. The average LGBTI person in Uganda cannot go to hospital to get antimalaria or [antiretroviral]s because the doctors fear being jailed because of the new law.”

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