22 Jul

Update from a Conductor – and an Appeal

Message from one of the Friends New Underground Railroad conductors:

“Dear —-, hope you are fine. I always take a break from the quaker operations to look after [my family] but the demands and ever non stop requests from verified queers who wana leave Uganda can’t allow me to rest well enough. This afternoon I went to meet —- and I suggested to him that at least he also considers to take some more 10 queers mainly youths chased from families, students denied by their families and institutions, young working youths chased from work places and job, once some body is outted he or she is a target. Am not telling u to influence —- to also take mine clients but rather if resources permit, please help. Every time I loose a client to this gruesome attacks I feel though am not doing my self appointed job. Its not that I assume u have a lot of money to make it possible every day but rather a humble request.”

This conductor has 27 clients waiting to escape Uganda. It will cost $55 each = $1,485.00 plus the wire transfer fee. And the other conductors also have people waiting to escape.
Please donate! And please share this appeal with others! Thank you.