15 Jul

News clip: With the situation for LGBT people in Uganda worsening…

[Friends New Underground Railroad] “…  is work we would prefer not to do. We are doing it because we were asked to by people who had direct threats on their lives,” says one organizer, who took the pseudonym Levi Coffin II in honor of a Quaker associated with the original Underground Railroad. “Names were read out over radio stations, with broadcasts calling for their arrests, imprisonment, castration, and sterilization. They have been many incitements to mob violence. People have been burned out of their homes (and burned themselves), thrown out of their jobs, expelled from schools. Hospitals are refusing to treat LGBTQ individuals.”

While he’s grateful they’ve been able to help individuals, Coffin doesn’t call the project a success. “It is not a win. It is not an answer. It is what we can do.”

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