15 Jul

July 15, 2014 Emergency Appeal! We are raising funds NOW to support the escape of 25 LGBT Ugandan individuals at great risk!

We are now raising funds for the planned escape of 25 LGBT individuals who were thrown out of two Ugandan “safe” houses by their landlords.

We want to do that immediately, as they are currently harbored close to a location where a large anti-gay rally – led by evangelical preachers – is being held in the next several days.

Our conductor fears that any revelation will result in a large mob action and/or attack.

It will cost us $55 per individual (plus a little bit for fund transfer fees) to get them to a safe place in another country, where they will be provided with food, housing, medical, psychosocial, legal, and visa support services.

So we need to raise the $1375.00 USD + to assist these people. Please donate!

UPDATE Wednesday 07/16/14: We are close! We need about $600 more today, and if we get it, the 25 will be able to leave. Please help if you can. And please share this. Thanks, Gabi Clayton

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Contributions to Friends New Underground Railroad/Safe Passage Fund through Olympia Friends Meeting are tax-deductible.

Please share this appeal with your friends, colleagues, and any people or groups you know of who can help with donations. If people want more information, please direct them to the FAQs page on our website: http://friendsnewundergroundrailroad.org/faqs/ and let us know if you need other information.

Thank you,
Gabi Clayton
Friends New Underground Railroad Co-Manager
and Co-Clerk of Olympia Monthly Meeting‘s Peace and Social Justice Committee