09 Apr

“And no Hope.” A Plea from One of Our Conductors

I chatted with one of our conductors today. He wrote:

“I have 27 people to cross.
It is increasingly becoming dangerous.
The 27 people are Catholic students aged 20 to 35 from a seminary and a nun’s house.
They are 19 gay men, 4 lesbians, 1 transman and 3 transwomen.

“We are living in a small house.
One meal a day.
No lights.
No power.
And no Hope.

“So risky.
If there is a way u can help, please help. We need to get them out.”


“Did specific incidents or threats happen to them for them to run?”


“Mob justice before they connected with me.
Undressing the trans to check their genitals.
Rape attempts on the lesbians to cure them of lesbianism
Some have been assaulted physically.”

FriendsNewUndergroundRailroad-logo-200pxSo we need to raise $1404.00 to move these 27 people in hiding out of danger.

We also have another conductor who has five lesbian college students hiding in another rural part of Uganda whom we need to move. This will cost an additional $925.00.

So we need $2329.00 to fund the escape of these 32 LGBT people.

Please help us. Every donation – large and small – helps.

Donate here via PayPal:






And here for information about sending a check.

Thank you!
Gabi Clayton
FNUR project manager