13 Aug


One of our conductors – a straight ally with a wife and three small children – has been doing tremendously courageous work rescuing LGBT people from riots, house burnings, and mobs seeking them out to kill them (which has happened on at least nine occasions).

He has put his life on the line to assist more than 100 people to escape Uganda via the Friends New Underground Railroad.

Now he has to flee himself – his identity has been exposed, he has been threatened with death, and his wife and small daughter have been threatened with gang rape.

We’ve helped them to escape to an interim location (leaving behind absolutely everything they own.)

Now we are working with another Railroad conductor to get him and his family out of Uganda, to where they can set up a new life abroad. Facilitators who work with the conductors have already set up a place for them to live and, it seems, even employment for his wife; they are still working on doing the same for him. We will post all the details when it is safe to do so.

Getting them out is dangerous (especially because of the children), but there is a good team in place to make it happen.

The total cost of getting them to an interim country and setting them up to rebuild their lives at their final destination is $1,920.

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Thank you!
Gabi Clayton
FNUR co-manager