03 Feb

O.K. wrote, “Should I be killed for being different or who I love or what I do in the bedroom…?” — A Friends New Underground Railroad Story

What does it take to change the world? I know it’s a lot but one thing is real, change doesn’t just happen it takes every one of us. Change starts within.

Unlike in other countries where that’s true, in Uganda its different – the Ugandan parliament is proud and happy that they are making laws to ensure that any gay person is killed and anybody who associates with the gays is guilty of a crime. I can’t believe that in 2015 educated Ugandans can still do that. Well it happens and is still happening.

Several ordinary Ugandans take the laws in their own hands and find it comfortable to stone any suspected gay person. They can’t wait for the law to take its own course. They can’t wait for the police to do their work though. I don’t expect any gay person to get justice in Uganda because almost everybody is against the gay persons.

I know I was born gay, yes I was born this way. Should I be killed for being different or who I love or what I do in the bedroom with my boyfriend? I don’t think that’s right.

FriendsNewUndergroundRailroad-logo-200pxI commend the work of Organizations like Amnesty International and FNUR who came out openly to help gays escape Uganda and also call upon the Ugandan government to stop such crimes against humanity.

When everything seemed blue, FNUR came out openly to help those gays willing to flee Uganda. I am among the few lucky ones who benefited from underground rail operations funded by FNUR. Though am at my final destination within Africa, for the horror I went through while still in Uganda I am still traumatized and I can’t expose my location.

Thanks FNUR.

Yours truly


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