14 Jan

Nineteen Transgender Ugandan People in Extreme Danger – An Emergency Appeal from Friends New Underground Railroad

01-14-15    Right now there are 19 transgender people in hiding in extreme danger. They are being hunted and have run to a hiding place where we learned about them. They are hungry, desperate, some are almost naked, and they are crying because they are terrified.

THIS IS A CRISIS SITUATION. When day breaks their hiding place will no longer be safe.

A person who is connected with the conductors that FNUR supports has given them some food, bedding, and encouragement for now but they must be moved out of Uganda. Today! He wrote:

“Any simple mistake and they will be killed. You have no idea how bloodthirsty this village is.”

In the FriendsNewUndergroundRailroad-logo-200pxlast two weeks we have supported 198 people to escape Uganda. The need is getting more and more urgent as we are closer to the new version of the Anti-Homosexuality law passing. Mobs aren’t waiting; they are now attacking LGBT people where they find them.

The transporter one of the conductors usually works with is in the middle of getting 98 LGBT people out and so he is not able to do this. There is a backup transporter known to the conductor who will ensure these 19 transgender people get out of the country, but he has to be paid before he can do it and he charges $78 for each person.

So we need to raise $1,482.00 NOW to get these people to safety.

Will you please help?!

Make a donation to FNUR so that we can help save these 19 transgender men and women.

To get donations to us quickly, please send through our PayPal account here:

If you can’t do that and want to send a check, the information about that is here:
Please send us a message to let us know it is coming for this.

Please share this with your contacts.

Thank you,
Gabi Clayton
Manager, Friends New Underground Railroad

Download this appeal here in PDF format.

NOTE: We changed our name from “Friends New Underground Railroad” to “Friends Ugandan Safe Transport Fund” on May 10, 2015.