20 Nov

News from Uganda: New anti-gay Bill in advanced stages

New anti-gay Bill in advanced stages
Daily Monitor – November 20,  2014

In contrast to the nullified Act, the new Bill avoids any explicit references to homosexuality, but seems to co-opt sections of the Penal Code, which prescribe, among others, a life sentence for “unnatural sexual practices.”

Unnatural sexual practices are defined in the draft Bill as a sexual act between persons of the same sex, or with or between transsexual persons, a sexual act with an animal and anal sex.

The proposed legislation also expands the definition of “promotion of unnatural sexual practices” and proposes a prison sentence of up to seven years for the promotion of homosexuality.

Funding for purposes of “promoting unnatural sexual practice” and protecting, housing or transporting homosexuals can also result in imprisonment of up to 10 years.


Mr Frank Mugisha, founder of Sexual Minorities Uganda, told this newspaper homosexuals living in Uganda can expect renewed pressure.

“During the period when the law was in place, we experienced a steep increase in violent attacks and discrimination – not only from the police, but also from the surrounding community,” he said.

Mr Mugisha said expanding the definition of “promotion of unnatural sexual practices” will make it extremely difficult for his organisation to operate.

“Even my Facebook and Twitter accounts might get me arrested, since I am writing about homosexuality. With this legislation newspapers and media outlets could also get in trouble if they publish stories about homosexuality.”

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We expected this. We knew it was in the works.
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