29 Jun

Emergency medical funds needed!

One of the FNUR “conductors” was assaulted the other day in a severe bashing based on his perceived sexual orientation and because he was in the process of doing this work he has undertaken to assist other LGBTQ people out of Uganda. This is such dangerous work. This is the second time one of the “conductors” has been assaulted like this. We are doing what we can to support them, and yes, we have vetted this and it is legitimate.

He needs to be moved to safety so he can receive medical treatment, and we are asking for people to donate to assist us in doing this.

To do this we need to raise  $924.00.  Please help with a donation by clicking here:
and please share this with others who may also do so.

Thank you!
Gabi Clayton
Co-Clerk, Peace and Social Justice Committee, Olympia Friends Meeting; Manager, Friends New Underground Railroad