05 Jun

Petition: UK HOME OFFICE: Cancel Harriet Nakigudde Removal Directions Now

Sign the petition: http://goo.gl/4ie96Y

” Harriet Nakigudde is a 30 year old lesbian, from Uganda, who fled harassment, discrimination and persecution by her own family as well as the general public, including the government. She sought protection in the UK on the basis of fearing for her life because of her sexuality, as a lesbian. And true to form, the United Kingdom once again is rejecting a lesbian, based on their belief that she is not a lesbian. Thus keeps happening. And we are reminded of the actual death that did occur when the UK Home Office successfully deported lesbian Jackie Nanyonjo.”

“… Ms. Nakigudde is currently under immediate threat of removal back to Uganda and at risk of imprisonment and torture upon arrival. She has received removal directions for Tuesday the June10, 2014, even though she has a pending Judicial review application in the High Court.”

Find out more and sign the petition here: https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/UNITED_KINGDOM_HOME_OFFICE_CANCEL_HARRIET_NAKIGUDDE_REMOVAL_DIRECTIONS_NOW/