14 Sep

Alert/Appeal: 27 Nursing Students in Danger! Please Help Us Get Them Out!

FNUR has received word from a trusted ally on Friday that 27 lesbian nurses have been expelled from a Catholic mission hospital in eastern Uganda. Their families won’t take them in, and they are currently in hiding, in situations that will not last for long. The local council is about to mount a search for them (we have no idea what would happen to them if they were to be found.) This is an area where they have been brutal attacks on LGBT individuals. They all want to get out just as fast they can.

RailroadFleeing-b&w50Because of the immediate danger, we have already paid the $70 each it is going to cost to get them to safety (a total of $1,890), and we hope to post further on this dangerous evacuation shortly. But when it comes to the funds, we don’t actually have them! (We’ve gotten a loan from a supporter.)

We know we keep asking, but when so little in the way of funds can potentially save a life, we aren’t shy!

FYI we will be asking again as we have another 23 people waiting with another conductor.

Please help! Donate here.